Units for Lease

Office space is offered as single or multiple offices within 1,000 square feet condominium office suites. Entire 1,000 square foot condominium office units are also available. Single offices provide an ideal office space solution at reasonable cost for growing in-home businesses that need a visible, well-established, and easily-accessible commercial office park address for meeting clients and prospects or providing additional workspace for staff.

Currently, Rivall Properties has two, second-level 1,000 square foot units available for immediate lease. Either unit may be leased in its entirety or as one or more individual offices in either unit. The floor plan shown below for Unit 2907-A illustrates the existing office configuration for this particular unit. Depending on a tenantís individual requirements and the length of the lease, walls can be moved or re-configured at reasonable cost to accommodate a tenantís business requirements. Call or e-mail Rivall Properties for details.

The pricing of office space at Olney Professional Park depends on various factors, including the square footage of the offices leased; the location of the office within the office complex; the length of the lease; the extent of interior modifications required; and other factors unique to the requirements of any individual tenant. Rivall Properties works diligently to provide every tenant with a very competitive, economical solution to their office space requirements. Call Rivall Properties today to discuss your office space requirements and receive an estimate of your lease costs to locate your business or professional practice at Olney Professional Park.